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We are...

A home grown company serving the aging seniors of our community, their caregivers and loved ones. We are a company that understands the power of recreation and leisure as well as the importance of self care and wellness practices for health, well-being and optimal quality of life.

our values...

RESPECTING INDIVIDUALITY                                                                                                                   AUTONOMY                                                                                                                                                LISTENING TO OTHERS                                                                                                                           COLLABORATION                                                                                                                                            MAKING A DIFFERENCE

our vision...

To be the leading provider of therapeutic recreation services for aging seniors, those living with dementia and supporting caregivers with their own self-care across the lower mainland. 

Our mission...

To help revitalize quality of life for aging seniors living in the community or a care setting, across the lower mainland. Providing therapeutic recreation services: using recreation and leisure activities enjoyed by our clients, fostering a sense of autonomy, maintaining independence and bringing more joy, meaning and connection into their lives.  



Find out what our clients are saying about the difference we are making in their lives. Click the link below to discover the joy our clients experience and the satisfaction and peace of mind of their family caregivers.


Our Staff

With a genuine passion for helping others and making a difference, our staff uphold the values of our organization and strive to provide the best support to the elderly of our community and their caregivers. 

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recreation therapy services

 Therapeutic Recreation goes beyond companionship. Using in-depth assessment, individualized planning, supportive activity engagement and periodic reassessment to meet specific client goals and needs.

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