May is Photo Month! 

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps there is truth in this?

Photographs hold the power to sway decision making, form judgement, sell, educate, to inspire action or to stay it. Through my years of working as a Recreation Therapist with aging seniors and those living with dementia, photos and pictures have always played a key role in my work.

Photographs can stir up emotions and specific memories. They are a window into a person’s heart and soul, a visual representation of who they were and what shaped them into the person they became.  They help us to understand the needs and desires of those who may not be able to speak or articulate their thoughts as they used to. They can create a connection between two people that would not have existed otherwise. Life would not be the same without photos, especially when they can do so much for someone. Below are a few examples of how that can be. 




With the difficult transition of moving into a care home, thoughtfully selected pictures from home can transform bare white walls in a seemingly cold and completely unfamiliar place into a haven of familiarity, warmth and comfort. 



A collection of Photographs or pictures of items, foods, activities or emotional states can create an invaluable tool when barriers to communication exist.  



Photograph albums which were once a way to relive the joy of a vacation, a new home or a family gathering, becomes a legacy. A well labeled photo album can be a great way to connect with your loved one, share memories and learn more about them than you ever thought possible.

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